The advanced pavements testing division of CONTROLS GROUP

  • Reliable performance based testing of asphalt and bitumen are key factors for optimal design and construction of durable roads
  • A complete one-stop range of advanced static and dynamic bitumen/asphalt/pavement testing systems
  • Highest quality and technology to price value for customers
  • Total focus and dedication to the latest global developments in performance based testing for progressive asphalt laboratories
  • Conformity to the International Standards AASHTO, ASTM, EN, AS, Austroads

A unique range of high value testing machines for asphalt and binder (bitumen).

Product range

The widest and most unique range including static and dynamic testing machines covering all the applications needed by the most demanding laboratories.

IPC Global, the advanced pavements testing systems division of CONTROLS GROUP

  • IPC Global has been the global leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of advanced dynamic testing equipment for pavements materials for almost 30 years.
  • End-users recognized IPC Global for their excellence in innovation, product quality and close-to-customer technical services.
  • The cooperation between CONTROLS, the global leader for testing equipment for construction materials, and IPC Global started way back in 2004, in fact for several years CONTROLS was the primary worldwide exclusive IPC Global distributor. During this period, CONTROLS appreciated the great value of IPC Global and was therefore greatly honoured when IPC Global eventually joined and became a corner stone of the Controls Group in April 2014.
  • The product ranges of CONTROLS and IPC Global, respectively advanced static and advanced dynamic, when combined, perfectly fit all the needs of a modern and progressive pavements laboratory wanting to adopt the performance based testing approach.
  • IPC Global and CONTROLS have since begun a radical process of integration which, brings together the individual competences and expertise under unified coordination and strategy. This has generated a huge boost to the research and development capacity and created a solid basis for many years of continuous innovation and growth.
  • High business ethics, excellent reputation, transparency and loyalty are crucial to CONTROLS Group, and explain the 50 years of successful and strong presence in this business and the mutually trusting partnership with their customers.

The new division has been built on the same solid base.

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